Showcase: VLX3 laserscan town center Deventer

With our brand new NavVis VLX3 laserscanner we have 3D scanned part of the town center of Deventer within a very short time. The point cloud was then used to convert roads, sidewalks, trees and various other objects into an accurate 2D CAD drawing. This data and the pointcloud itself have been combined into the animation below.

Faster, faster, fastest

The NavVis VLX3 is a mobile laserscanner which maps the world in 3D while physically walking around with the device. Multiple laser sensors and cameras combined with SLAM-technologie produce a very realistic and accurate point cloud. Compared to traditional mapping using a total station and/or GPS, the VLX3 significantly accelerates this process. The generated point cloud can then be used to create a complete 2D CAD drawing. The difference in precision between this traditional measurement and the result based on VLX3 data is imperceptible.

Thanks to its speed and precision, the VLX3 is particularly suitable for conducting site surveys. The point cloud is then used as a basis for creating a CAD drawing. Additionally, the VLX3 is highly suitable for 3D mapping of buildings and environments. The point cloud can be converted into a 3D (BIM) model or 3D mesh in various file formats such as STL or OBJ.

Because the VLX3 uses SLAM technology, the scanner can rapidly map indoor environments. This makes the device ideal for applications such as capturing complex interiors of buildings, factories, and warehouses. Especially when using control points and a total station, the precision is remarkable. The VLX3 has the capability to map and measure those same control points during scanning. Additionally, 360-degree photos can be taken at any desired location during scanning.

If even higher precision is required, for example, for measuring floor flatness, we recommend an RTC360. The speed of the RTC360 is slightly lower, but the precision, on the other hand, is higher.

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