Showcase: Scan-to-BIM

Within this Scan-to-BIM showcase you will see every type of deliverable we are able to produce which might be useful for your BIM project. Most of the time within these types of projects we use laserscanning. Those scans however are always complemented with measurements done by a total station. This increases quality and accuracy plus it also makes processing the data easier.


  • An overview of the complete point cloud which shows the high level of detail scans we are able to work with;
  • 2D CAD data based on laserscans, in some cases 3D CAD drawings can be useful as well;
  • A 3D model of the building, with a transparant roof to make the inner constructie visible;
  • An artist impression, or 3D render of the current situatie and new design based on accurate as-built data.

Your project visualized?

Our experts can visualize your project based on supplied scandata, our own scandata, drawings, 3D models concepts or even simple sketches.

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