Showcase: Reverse Engineering Cylinder Head

Reverse engineering a cylinder head is no small feat. And even though this 1928 cylinder head is a lot less complicated than current engines, there are a lot of internal channels for coolant and oil that are critical for the proper operation of the entire engine. We have used several techniques to scan the entire cylinder head and also map these highly critical internal channels. Data from both steps was combined to form one accurate model. Which in turn was used to create a model of the casting mold (which was 3D printed) for creating a new series of cylinder heads.

Virtual Reality

The video below is a recording of a virtual reality experience we have created by using this scandata. This VR experience showcases some of the technical improvements we have added to the cylinder head. Since its creation in 1928, knowledge about combustion engines has increased greatly. The reverse engineering of this project gave us the chance to add some much needed improvements that will guarantee this engine runs smoothly for a whole lot longer than its original design.

Be sure to also read the interview Open Technologies has done with us about this project. Their Cronos optical 3D scanner enabled us to turn this into a highly successful reverse engineering project.

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