Showcase: Reverse Engineering in General

In September of 2017 vanderKampen Solid Modeling has joined Engineering Consultancy Coenradie. This combination of knowledge and hardware means endless reverse engineering possibilities with the highest quality imaginable. Reverse engineering can be practical for small scale objects or large scale objects, damaged objects or undamaged objects that simply need accurate drawings for future reference.

After reverse engineering, the next step could be 3D printing or a quality inspection including a detailed report of the product(s).

Reverse Engineering

  • Completely new bodywork of cars, boats and so on.
  • Complete engines or parts of engines, including molds for casting these parts. Which can be 3D printed when required.
  • Cogs.
  • Gasturbines.
  • Statues: digital preservation of art or other objects which require 3D printed copies.
  • Any object in general, small scale or large scale

Your project visualized?

Our experts can visualize your project based on supplied scandata, our own scandata, drawings, 3D models concepts or even simple sketches.

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