Showcase: Point Cloud Animation Church

Point Clouds – Endless Possibilities!

Point clouds are a great tool for presenting architecturally interesting constructions. They can be produced at high speed and contain a lot of information, but visually and technically.

Point Cloud Animation

This point cloud animation showcases all the different uses a point cloud has when visualizing scandata. Full-color or grayscale, why not use both at the same time? One continuous shot, or cuts? Depending on your subject and audience, these are basic but very important questions which Engineering Consultancy Coenradie is able to answer. We make sure your data is not just presented the right way, but also enjoyable to look at.

Point Clouds in 3D

Two smaller sections of the original point cloud can be viewed online and in 3D. The number of details, including colors, which we are able to document with our laserscanners is unrivaled at this speed and precision.

Your project visualized?

Our experts can visualize your project based on supplied scandata, our own scandata, drawings, 3D models concepts or even simple sketches.

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