Showcase: Orthophotos

Orthophotos are images that have been geometrically corrected, they have no perspective. A floorplan is one example of an orthophoto or orthoimage, but sideviews and topviews are also geometrically corrected. These are exactly the type of products we are able to generate from point cloud data. These orthoimages conveniently have a known scale of 1:1, which gives us the ability to import them into our CAD-environment and use them for highly accurate measurement and modeling.

Orthophoto’s: 3D Modeling

Not only can orthophoto’s be less cumbersome to work with, it is also easy to recognize objects (like with a normal 3D point cloud) within these images which makes 3D modeling based on these images a lot easier.

Your project visualized?

Our experts can visualize your project based on supplied scandata, our own scandata, drawings, 3D models concepts or even simple sketches.

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