Showcase: St. Barbara Monastery Delft

Barbara Monastery: construction & destruction

The St. Barbara Monastery was built in 1405 and restored in 1536 after a major fire destroyed more than two thirds of the city of Delft. After 1572 the monastery was used as an orphanage. Since 1949 student association K.S.V. Sanctus Virgilius uses the monastery, which is now also a national monument.


Coenradie has completely scanned every detail of the monastery with the Leica RTC360 laserscanner. The animation below is a short impression of the complete point cloud. The total number of points that this point cloud consists of is just over one billion. Which is a reduction compared to the raw scandata. The RTC360 is able to scan up to two million points per second. A total of more than 240 unique scanning positions were used to fully scan the St. Barbara Monastery. Each individual scan takes approximately three minutes.


Not only is the resulting data beautiful to look at and highly accurate, the size of the data is also impressive: almost 600 gigabyte of raw scandata was generated.

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