From the project leader working on a major project for a marine heavy transport company, we got the following comment for the work done by our surveyors Jan-Willem Kruisenga and Rutger Bosch.

Coenradie Surveyors

Not only are they both a splendid pair of fellows as individuals, they also proved themselves to be both flexible surveyors and hard working and carried out all of our requests without complaint, often working long hours to assist us cut down on any delays to the project. I also found them both be very professional in their approach to their work and in how they represented Coenradie and in my opinion they are both very good assets to your company. Not only were they a pleasure to work with but they also gave me much sought after ‘piece of mind’ by providing me with reliable information that I was able to use to make my decisions and for this I again say ‘thank you’.

Mr. Andy Timms
AndyMac Pte. Ltd