Working together towards a better future, that is our objective. Our clients evaluate us after every project on the results we deliver and external auditors review our processes and the quality assurance we can provide every new client and every new project. Over the years we this has become second nature to us. Next year we celebrate our 25th anniversary and all those years quality has been paramount in everything we do.

The last ten years we have been ISO certified and recently we have had our ISO 9001:2008 prolonged. Nothing too special or newsworthy to us, but recently we also started working on LEAN building projects and this means even more focus on added value and efficiency.

Engineering Consultancy Coenradie has been ISO/VCA certified since 2003. Quality, Safety, Health and Environment (SHEQ) have been an integral part of our business and our processes. Working towards a better and sustainable future has recently resulted in a prolongation of our certifications. We are pleased with this result, but more important is our customer’s satisfaction and their loyalty to us. We are fully aware that our clients work with us to reduce risks. They need to be assured that all data we provide are accurate and correct. As we strive towards perfection and zero mistakes is almost taken for granted, it becomes more and more difficult to convince our clients of the value of certainty. With our current LEAN projects we hope we can also demonstrate our ability to work in the most efficient and effective way to assure zero mistakes at the lowest possible costs. This way we can help our clients achieve better results. Together we can achieve our objective towards a better and sustainable future.