The 25th Anniversary of Engineering Consultancy Coenradie marks the start of yet another innovative new offer: 3D Printing solutions. After the successful entry in the world of industrial surveying, …

After the successful entry in the world of industrial surveying, with laser-trackers and 3D-laserscanners, the company, recently introduced it’s new High Precision measuring Laboratory in Oirschot, featuring the Leitz Reference HP Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM).

As of 2014 Oirschot hosts Coenradie’s new enterprise 123D producties BV.











Henry den Ouden manages the new enterprise with 3D-scanning and printing solutions, as well as it’s more traditional 2D-printing offer. In short it offers: 1 point of contact for both 2D as well as 3D-scanning and printing solutions.

Wouter Coenradie: “This ‘one-stop-shop’ offer makes it really unique. Nowhere else you can find so much expertise and experience in 3D-scanning combined with 3D-printing and traditional printing solutions.”













Coenradie’s traditional clients can now get their buildings, ships, trains, or indeed any other product or construction scanned and printed here in the Netherlands. New clients are more than welcome to experience our professional approach to both surveying as well as data-conversion and 3D-production.

For more information:

Henry den Ouden

tel. +31 499 377 949

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