3D Scanning Solutions


Engineering Consultancy Coenradie publishes new leaflets on 3D (lasers) scanning capabilities. Coenradie frequently travels the world to make scans of ships, off-shore constructions, etc. for more efficient maintenance, reverse engineering or control. The versatile use of the different 3D-laserscanners (C10 and HDS7000) is described in the leaflet enclosed.

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Royal commissioner visits Coenradie


Royal Commissioner Wim van de Donk honoured Wouter Coenradie with a visit to his Engineering Consultancy. Mayor Ruud Severijns accompanied him along with a delegation of local governors and entrepreneurs. The visit was a result of Wouter Coenradie’s election as “businessman of the year”.

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Reality check on SHEQ


Working together towards a better future, that is our objective. Our clients evaluate us after every project on the results we deliver and external auditors review our processes and the quality assurance we can provide every new client and every new project. Over the years we this has become second nature to us. Next year we celebrate our 25th anniversary and all those years quality has been paramount in everything we do.

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