Engineering Consultancy Coenradie recently published two new product leaflets on Laser Tracker solutions and 3D-laserscanning. Both leaflets are in English for our growing international market to explain our World-Class Surveying Solutions.

Laser Tracker Solutions
Engineering Consultancy Coenradie offers you the most accurate and reliable surveying solutions in the industry. To achieve optimum results, we use the tools that are best suited to meet your needs.

We can use any measuring device varying in accuracies from mm level down to submicron level. Our climate controlled High Precision lab, based in Brainport Netherlands, boasts one of the world’s most accurate 3D Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM).

The most accurate portable device is the Laser Tracker.

On the one hand a Laser Tracker could be described as an ultra precise Total Station that achieves accuracies down to 0.01 mm level, but on the other hand it could also be described as a portable 3D CMM. Contrary to a Total Station the surveyor uses a target that is automatically followed by the laserbeam from the tracker. This way the Laser Tracker can be used to measure both from point to point, as well as for scanning complex shapes.

To realize specific results (in accuracy or reporting) we can combine the Laser Tracker with a Total Station or even a 3D (Lidar) Scanner.

Whatever your surveying requirements, our professional and experienced surveyors can get you the results you need for your business.

The Laser Tracker creates mold-breaking
efficiencies in applications such as:
• alignment
• machine installation
• component inspection
• tool building and setup
• manufacturing and assembly integration, and
• reverse engineering

In summary the Laser Tracker delivers unparalleled results in both 3D measurement as well as distance measurement.

Download the product leaflets as a PDF.







Download the leaflets as a PDF.
3D-laserscanning Solutions
Engineering Consultancy Coenradie delivers World Class Surveying solutions across the globe. Our highly qualified and experienced surveyors travel the world to provide our clients with the data they need for their projects. Our expertise in Industrial Surveying and 3D-Scanning is proven. Our flexibility is just another reason for customers to select us as their preferred supplier.

3D-laserscans can, amongst others, be used for:
• Control
• As-Built
• Reverse Engineering
• 3D-printing

3D-laserscans are frequently used to acquire as-built data before the start of an engineering or building project. When it is important to know, down to mm level what the actual situation is, 3D-laserscanning offers a quick and efficient solution. The data can be used in almost any engineering or design package (Auto-CAD, PDMS, PMS, etc.) for repairs, renovation, restoration, etc.
3D-scans offer cost-effective solutions for as-built data in any step of the process and provide revisions as the project nears completion. The result: Total control and accountability.
The 3D-scanner acquires approx. 1 Million dots per second. Coenradie can host and make the resulting Point Clouds available for you to work with in a free web application, called TruView. Alternatively we can provide you with a complete, ready-to-use 3D-model.
3D-scanning can be combined with Total Station or other surveying techniques for even higher accuracies. 3D-scanning in combination with color photography results in more realistic images and convincing presentations.
3D-scans and models can be used in any market in which it is important to know exactly what the current situation is. This can vary from building (BIM), construction, infra-structure, plants, golf-courses, facility management to forensic applications.

Engineering Consultancy Coenradie also offers 3D-printing solutions.