The new GapGun Pro2 with T60 sensor has recently been released. Coenradie is distributor for this laser measuring system in the Benelux, request a demo today and read more about what this metrology device can do for your company!

The GapGun Pro2 is a non contact laser measurement system capable of a wide variety of profile measurements: gap and flush, radius, edge break, burr, countersink, scratch, weld, seal, angle and more. The ultimate quality inspection tool. The GapGun has already proven itself in the automotive and aerospace industry.

The new GapGun Pro2 is even faster than its predecessor with a measurement cycle of only one second, without sacrificing the repeatable precision of 0.01mm. Thanks to the new T60 sensor, the user no longer has to change sensors as often as before while still being able to perform many different types of measurements.

The device was developed by Third Dimension, Coenradie is distributor of the GapGun Pro and GapGun Pro2 in the Benelux. Go to request a demo and we will show you what this device can do for your company.