Fuel Savings: At Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam Coenradie Surveying has performed all surveying for the installation of the ‘Becker Twisted Fin®’ on 7 container ships of Hamburg Süd.

Fuel Savings

The installation of this by Becker Marine Systems patented system straightens and accelerates the hull wake into the propeller resulting in significant fuel savings.

Coenradie developed a surveying method using a Leica Total Station combined with a Leica Laser Scanner to survey the existing situation (ship hull and propeller as well as the prefabricated Becker Twisted Fin®). The survey results are post-processed into a 3D model using CAD-software with in-house developed special tools. After modeling the Becker Twisted Fin is virtually positioned and then seamlessly marked up on the ships.

Previously these systems have been installed on other ships by other shipyards, but these yards needed 8 days to install these constructions. Due to the new Coenradie surveying method and the efficiency of Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam this series of ships could sail out after 4 to 5 days!


Becker Marine Systems: developer of the Becker Twisted Fin®.
Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam: the shipyard that carried out the installations.