Coenradie Metrology – High Precision CMM Measuring


The Coenradie HP 3D measuring lab is here today, for tomorrow’s world. Our Ultra-High Precision CMM can measure & scan objects (1000 x 700 x 600 mm) at sub-micron levels (0.9µm + L/400) in full 3D. Our Metrology CMM Measuring experts, can tell you all about our services and conditions. Below you will find an initial overview of our facilities and equipment.

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3D Scanning Solutions


Engineering Consultancy Coenradie publishes new leaflets on 3D (lasers) scanning capabilities. Coenradie frequently travels the world to make scans of ships, off-shore constructions, etc. for more efficient maintenance, reverse engineering or control. The versatile use of the different 3D-laserscanners (C10 and HDS7000) is described in the leaflet enclosed.

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Royal commissioner visits Coenradie


Royal Commissioner Wim van de Donk honoured Wouter Coenradie with a visit to his Engineering Consultancy. Mayor Ruud Severijns accompanied him along with a delegation of local governors and entrepreneurs. The visit was a result of Wouter Coenradie’s election as “businessman of the year”.

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