Metrology Solutions

Coenradie CMM Measurement Lab

Our metrology activities

Three major activities are the core of our metrology expertise:

  1. Providing correct dimensions
  2. Product inspection
  3. Reverse engineering

More information about these three activities, as well as a list of our tools, software and core industries are discussed below.

Reverse Engineering Shipbuilding

Providing correct dimensions

Anywhere within the fabrication process where measurements have to be executed in order to produce a geometrically correct product.

Reverse Engineering Inspection Product Quality

Quality inspection of (partial)products

We will measure the product based on your exact requirements. Whether you require a fully scanned product or only a few measurements at critical components or connections.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

We are able to translate an existing product back to a complete design package while also taking into account wear, tear and any production deviations.

Our metrology tools

Measurement instruments

We use the right tool for the task, our selection of metrology tools is vast:

  • Industrial total station 
  • Laser tracker 
  • Laser scanner 
  • FAROarm
  • Scanarm 
  • Structured Light scanner
  • CMM 
  • GapGun


We have the most prominent software available for controlling our measurement instruments as well as for processing the measurement data. Expanded with in-house developed add-ins. With these tools we are able to create and deliver the report you want.

Our metrology locations

All of our equipment, except for the CMM, can be deployed globally.

The Netherlands

Netherlands Metrology


Global Metrology


Offshore Metrology

Coenradie CMM Lab

CMM Measurement Lab Oirschot Brainport Coenradie Eindhoven

The Netherlands

Netherlands Metrology


Global Metrology


Offshore Metrology

Coenradie CMM Lab

CMM Measurement Lab Oirschot Brainport Coenradie Eindhoven

Our metrology industries

Leaflet Industry


Coenradie Offshore Heavy Industry Steel Construction Surveying

Steel construction

Steel constructions are everywhere. From warehouse to offshore platform; all of it can be made of steel.

Coenradie Offshore Heavy Industry Petrochemical

Process industry

The process industry is characterized by many piping and process installations, all of which must match each other accurately.

Coenradie Tooling Robots and Heavy Industry

Machine and equipment construction

With our most accurate instruments, the lasertracker and alignment laser, we are capable of performing measurements with an accuracy op to 0.01mm.

Coenradie Offshore Heavy Industry Shipbuilding

Shipbuilding and repair

Shipbuilding and repair is a special field. Working method and terminology are important to understand.

Temperature differences and correction

An important aspect that we recognize is that we frequently measure objects that do not have a standard temperature, but are often much warmer or colder than they were during manufacture. That is why we measure material temperature to indicate the temperature at which we have measured. We can include a temperature correction in our measurements results.

Coenradie Offshore Metrology Surveying Heavy Industry


Our surveyors are fully trained and certified to perform all offshore activities and measurements.

Coenradie Metrology Automotive Industry


The automotive industry often has extremely high accuracy standards: by far the perfect job for our laser tracker.

Coenradie Heavy Industry Metrology Cranes and Tracks

Cranes and tracks

Cranes come in many different sizes and types: mobile, offshore, container cranes and many more.

Coenradie industrial metrology

  • Highly qualified and specifically trained staff for this sector.
  • Measuring instruments that are specifically designed or adapted for this industry.
  • Years of experience within the sector.
  • Offshore, onshore, worldwide.

Can we be of service?

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