Metrology Solutions

metrology solutions coenradie

We offer a wide variety of highly accurate metrology solutions for several different industries. Whether your project requires a solution for high volume quality inspection, single object ultra-high precision measurement and scanning or reverse engineering of parts which are no longer being produced.

Ultra-high precision measurement lab

Our 3D coordinates measurement machine (CMM) is capable of measuring objects up to 1000 x 700 x 600 mm in size with ultra high precision (0.9µm + L/400) plus we are capable of exporting those measurements into a robust 3D model of the object. The CMM is used for quality inspection and reverse engineering of objects both large and small in scale, with the highest precision possible.

Laser Tracker

Think of the laser tracker as an ultra precise Total Station that achieves accuracies down to 0.01 mm level, it could also be described as a portable 3D CMM. Contrary to a Total Station the surveyor uses a target that is automatically being tracked by the device. This way the Laser Tracker can be used to measure both from point to point, as well as for scanning complex shapes.

To realize specific results (in accuracy or reporting) we can combine the Laser Tracker with a Total Station or even a 3D (Lidar) Scanner. The Laser Tracker creates mold-breaking efficiencies in applications such as:

  • alignment
  • machine installation
  • component inspection
  • tool building and setup
  • manufacturing and assembly integration
  • reverse engineering

In summary the Laser Tracker delivers unparalleled results in both 3D measurement as well as distance measurement. Engineering Consultancy Coenradie offers you the most accurate and reliable surveying solutions in the industry, both offshore and onshore. To achieve optimum results, we use the tools that are best suited to meet your needs.