Surveying Solutions

Coenradie has a clear focus: to provide World-Class Surveying Solutions. We provide a comprehensive range of surveying solutions for a wide variety of projects in every step of the process. We use state-of-the-art technologies and the most experienced experts in the industries we serve. Industrial, governmental, building and construction related clients find their way to the Engineering Consultants of Coenradie.

Surveying Solutions

Working all around the world, our highly experienced surveyors welcome the challenges related to every type of technical survey – particularly in the fields of steel construction, ship building/repair, machinery/equipment manufacturing, marine surveying and surveys for the process industry.

Experienced landsurveyors create maps for any desired state government, developers, contructor and architects. The commitment of our professional building site surveyors is the basis for each kind of building. Also in the ground, water and civil works our surveyors and 3D-specialists are providing services. In short, we can solve each dimensional problem.

Our instrumentation is as diverse as the markets we serve. Total stations, including special industrial types, GNSS/GPS, digital levels, laser scanners, laser trackers are used by us. In addition to these services we also offer specialist surveying software that is not only characterized by an excellent value for money, but above all is continuously being reviewed and extended within the organization. Quality is our standard. Our ISO9001 certification is nothing more than a logical consequence of our approach and not the other way. Because the quality is in our genes.

Surveying expertise in:

  • A1architecture
  • building constructions
  • civil engineering
  • cranes and crane tracks
  • infrastructure
  • land surveying
  • machinery and tools
  • offshore industry
  • ship building and repair
  • steel construction

Engineering Consultancy Coenradie uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment operated by certified and highly qualified staff.

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Engineering Consultancy Coenradie is a world class company in Surveying Solutions. And we are here to serve you. Feel welcome to use our expertise.