Coenradie beyond Surveying Solutions

Coenradie Surveying is your partner in advising and executing measurement solutions in the broadest sense. Coenradie is focusing on what we call: World-Class Surveying Solutions, and offers these solutions to a variety of industries and clients around the world.


Coenradie is founded in the Netherlands and specializes in the offshore and construction industry. Our experience and expertise in areas of ship building and marine surveying (floating objects), using survey grade total stations, state of the art laser scanning technology, ultra high precision laser tracking and highly accurate laser alignment is described as ‘second to none’ by our clients.

Specific technical surveys, both nationally and internationally, are embraced by our surveyors. We operate in the process industry, steel construction industry, ship building and ship repair, machinery and equipment and also in the (petro)chemical and offshore industry.

No matter the project, the equipment we use is always highly accurate and operated by experts.

Our commitment to quality is reflected in our professional approach to every aspect of our business. It is our priority in everything we do and ISO9001 certification was simply a natural consequence of this approach.

So, when there’s no room for compromise: choose Coenradie for truly world-class surveying solutions.

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Engineering Consultancy Coenradie is a world class company in Surveying Solutions. And we are here to serve you. Feel welcome to use our expertise.