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Koen Hagenaars, Operations Manager Bradford Engineering
Koen Hagenaars, Operations Manager Bradford Engineering
“Rocket engines for a satellite require the utmost precision.”
“Rocket engines for a satellite require the utmost precision.”
Koen Hagenaars, Operations Manager at Bradford Engineering, cannot emphasize it enough: “Keeping a satellite in orbit is all about extreme precision. Small thrusters (rocket engines) are used to keep the satellite on its path. It is very important that these engines are aligned in perfect harmony with each other. We rely on the product inspection of Coenradie Metrology for this, so we can be sure that the satellite makes its orbit around the earth efficiently and balanced. Bradford Engineering has done more than 100 successful launches and sees the contribution of Coenradie Metrology as a very welcome addition.
3D Inspection of Rocket Engines for Satellite

Coenradie tests rocket engines for a satellite with a unique 8-axis 3D ScanArm

On site in a cleanroom, we use a mobile measuring arm to check whether the thrusters (rocket engines) are mounted at the correct angles. Depending on the deviations, the angles will be adjusted. This process is repeated until the thrusters are mounted perfectly within specification. A custom measurement report is made, which clearly shows the outcome.

Core advantages of our 3D measurements

Measuring on site – Because we have mobile measuring equipment, we can be deployed anywhere and can also measure at your location.

Cleanroom – Our measuring equipment is suitable for use in a clean environment. If necessary, we can have our measuring equipment cleaned and packaged according to the highest industry standards.

Fine tuning – We can check whether an adjustment meets the requirements. If a deviation is found, we can clearly indicate how much it is and in which direction the corrections should be made.

Homework – At Coenradie Metrology we work with the powerful measurement software PolyWorks. This software makes it possible to build the measurement programs and measurement reports upfront, before the actual measurement. This efficient working method saves a lot of time on site.

Custom report – No endlessly long reports with unnecessary information, but a concise representation of the measurement results supported with useful images.

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